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Атина (Пирея)

Piraeus is the port which serves Athens, the capital of Greece, and here you can admire the famous historic sights such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon, some of the most famous classical monuments in the world.  As you lose yourself in history, you can immerse yourself in the modern-day pleasures of Athens itself, such as the street markets, vine-covered taverns and souvenir stalls.














Цена: € 70 на възрастен, € 49 на дете


Duration: approx. 6 hours


Every touristic itinerary to Athens must include a visit to the Acropolis, the rocky hill that rises 150 metres above the city, in the Attica basin. The symbol of Athens is the Parthenon which evolved from a church to a mosque; you can discover the sights of Athens during our coach-based city sightseeing tour. We will have time to visit the National Archaeological Museum, one of the largest and most important museums of ancient Greek art. Explore the historic district of Athens, Plaka, which is a picturesque area designed in Neoclassical style. Return to the ship.

Please note: the tour includes a long, sometimes challenging walk on even uneven ground so not recommended for guests with mobility problems. This tour is not scheduled for guests onboard MSC Armonia and MSC Melody. 






Цена: € 61 на възрастен, € 43 на дете


Duration: approx. 5.5 hours


Leave the port of Piraeus and enjoy a 1.5-hour drive by coach through the Greek countryside to Corinth Canal, where a short stop will be made to observe the boats that will very likely be passing through the narrow waterway. Separating the Peloponnese peninsula from the Greek mainland, the canal is 6.4 km in length, only 21.3 metres in width and was dug at sea level, which removed the need to build additional locks along its course. After swapping your coach for a small boat, you will embark on a leisurely and enjoyable trip along the canal. The steep embankments of the waterway are a testament to the engineering nightmare that building the canal posed. A snack will be served during your boat trip, at the end of which you will begin your return journey to Piraeus and the ship.

Please note: this excursion is for calls until the end of November 2012. This tour is also foreseen for guests onboard MSC Lirica.






Цена: € 62на възрастен, € 43 на дете


Duration: approx. 4.5 hours


Take some time off the ship and head for Athens for a comprehensive sightseeing tour through the main streets and squares of a city steeped in classical history. Not only is Athens widely regarded as the cradle of western civilisation and the birthplace of modern democracy, it is also a cornucopia of visual delights you will not want to miss. After the city tour, you will continue on to Athens’ premiere landmark: the imposing Acropolis, a plateau that overlooks the town at a height of 150 metres. Among various other examples of classical Grecian architecture, the site is home to the world-famous Parthenon, a huge temple dedicated to the ancient Greek goddess, Athena, and one of the world’s greatest cultural monuments. A brief stop will be made for some souvenir shopping before the tour concludes with your return to the ship. 

Please note: the tour includes long walk with some uneven ground so is not recommended for guests with mobility problems.






Цена: € 34 на възрастен, € 24 на дете


Duration: approx. 3.5 hours


This excursion is ideal for those unable to climb the steps to the Acropolis but who wish to gain an overall impression of Greece’s capital city. We will meet our guide at the port and board the bus for an excursion that covers the key attractions. As we drive from Piraeus to Athens, our guide will point out the main ancient and modern sites including Hadrian’s arch, the statue of Lord Byron, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Constitution Square and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Our tour will continue past the National Gardens, the Panathinion Stadium, the Academy, the University and the National Library. You will be able to see the Acropolis from a distance and we will break to take photographs before proceeding to Plaka where you will have free time.

Please note: exterior visits only of the sites.






Цена: € 74 на възрастен, € 52 на дете


Duration: 5.5 hours


Meet your guide at the port and board the bus for a sightseeing tour through the main streets and squares of this historically important city. After reaching Athens city centre, we will arrive at the famous Acropolis which towers imposingly 150 metres above the city; for thousands of years the Acropolis has been symbol of Athens and our tour will enable you to view the other masterpieces from Greece’s “Golden Age”. Prepare yourself to climb to the top of the Acropolis Hill (150 steps) to view the Erectheum, the Temple of Wingless Victory and the symbol of the Greek nation: the Parthenon. The temple is dedicated to the patron goddess of Athens, Athena, and is the largest and most impressive temple of all Greece. We will continue the tour through the Acropolis pedestrian zone to the recently refurbished new Acropolis Museum. Here we will enjoy a full 1,5 hours in the museum, where you can admire the statues, sculptures and marbles of the Parthenon with time for souvenir shopping before returning to the ship.

Please note: the tour includes a long walk on uneven ground and is not recommended for guests with mobility problems. This tour is not foreseen for guests onboard MSC Melody and for following call 05.11.2012 (MSC Lirica). 



By Ilia Stanchev