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О-в Корсика - Аячо

Visitors flock to Corsica, off the south-east coast of France, attracted by the wild beauty of this island. Nature-lovers in particular appreciate the mild, year-round climate ideal for walking tours and outdoor excursions. Corsica’s capital, Ajaccio, is an attractive port town - whilst you are here look out for cigars and fresh pasta; just two of the many gourmet products produced on the island.













Цена: € 43 на възрастен, € 30 на дете


Duration : approx. 3 hours


Explore the most attractive areas of this lovely old town, which was founded by the Genoese in 1492. Ajaccio is best known for being the home of Napoleon Bonaparte who was born here in 1769; there is no street or building in town that does not pay testament to his life. Visit the lush Casone Gardens, one of the town’s many green areas and stop at Parata to admire the view over the “Bloody Islands”, a small group of islets dotted with guard towers. Our trip also includes a tour of Ajaccio’s historic district.

Please note: the visit of the historical part includes a walk on uneven ground; we advise to wear comfortable shoes. In case of religious events the Cathedral could be closed. 






Цена: € 54 на възрастен, € 38 на дете


Duration : approx. 3.5 hours


Ideal for families and nature lovers, this excursion takes you to Corsica’s turtle protection centre, the only one of its kind in Europe. Admire over 130 different species of tortoise, including water turtles and land turtles from continents around the world. You may even spot the delightful baby tortoises that measure just a few centimetres long.

Please note: the excursion includes about 1,5 / 2 hrs walking on uneven and rough ground, including some steps. Not recommended for guests with walking difficulties or in wheelchairs. Comfortable shoes and sun hat recommended.






Цена: € 43 на възрастен, € 30 на дете


Duration : approx. 3.5 hours


Corsica is renowned for its natural beauty, so why not join this excursion and experience this wild and rugged island at its best. We will head inland, through the unspoilt splendour of the forests and the mountains. As we leave the coast the fresh sea air is replaced with the scent of the “maquis”, the typical Corsican shrubland composed of a variety of sweet-smelling plants such as lavender, myrtle, cyclamen and wild mint. You will travel through Bocognano, set on a plateau amidst a chestnut forest. The sturdy grey houses of this town provide a welcome respite from the summer heat and make this a popular summer destination for Ajaccians. The road then winds northwards for 6 km to the Col de Vizzavona, a forest of beech and laricio pines and one of the best hiking spots in Corsica. Invisible from the road, trees shield the little village of Vizzavona composed of a cluster of forested huts and a small train station. We will enjoy a little free time in this tranquil shady spot before driving back by the same road to Ajaccio

Please note: this tour is not suitable for guests suffering from vertigo. Due to different climatic zone on the mountain, we suggest to bring a warm jacket.






Цена: € 31 на възрастен, € 22 на дете


Duration : approx. 2.5 hours


We will leave the port for a guided tour around Ajaccio’s old town, walking past Napoleon's residence, Place Foch and Ajaccio Cathedral. We will visit the Fesch Museum, a building commissioned by cardinal Fesch, maternal uncle of Napoleon I. This museum is considered one of the most important in France for its collection of Italian paintings, second only to the Louvre. Art lovers will delight in the impressive collections by Tiziano, Veronese and Botticelli, whilst history buffs can admire the extensive Napoleonic collection.

Please note: the visit to the historical centre includes a walk on uneven ground; please wear comfortable shoes.