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Palermo is the capital of Sicily, a renowned vacation destination thanks to its great beauty and historic significance. Thanks to its eclectic past, Palermo offers an intriguing mix of cultures. Many ancient monuments still exist today, lending the city a unique appearance.
















Цена: € 55 на възрастен, € 39 на дете


Duration: approx. 4 hours


A bus tour will take you past the key sights, although we will stop for a full visit of the Cathedral, built in an unusual marriage of Norman and Arab architectural styles and which houses the tombs of different Norman kings and Emperor Frederick II. Another religious site of note is the “Casa Professa”, one of the most important baroque churches in Palermo. Discover the area around Palermo on a bus tour to Monreale, just 8 km away; enjoy a walking tour around the town and visit the Cathedral, home to an exquisite display of golden mosaics depicting scenes from the Old and New Testament. Free time to shop in Monreale before returning to the ship.

Please note: you have to walk up some steps to visit the Cathedral in Monreale. The guide will give explanation only outside the sites; guests will visit them individually.






Цена: € 60 на възрастен, € 42 на дете


Duration: full day, lunch included


Scenic city bus tour through Palermo’s main streets and squares including Politeama Square and Massimo Theatre. We will stop at the town of “Isola delle Femmine” which reputedly gains its name from a women’s only prison that was formerly here. Free time for swimming and relaxing on a fully-equipped nearby beach. Our return trip takes us back to the ship via the faded grandeur of the “Parco della Favorita”, an immense landscaped park built in the XVIII century by one of the Bourbon kings and which houses a most unusual Chinese Palace. Lunch included.

Please note: this excursion is only offered during summer calls, from middle June to September.






Цена: € 51 на възрастен, € 36 на дете


Duration: approx. 4 hours


Enjoy a 1-hour coach drive to Cefalù, a small yet pretty town situated one hour away from Palermo and which was founded by the Norman King Roger II in the XII century on the site of an earlier historic settlement. We will visit Cefalù Cathedral, the “Duomo del Cristo Pantocratore”, an example of Norman-Romaneque architecture with stunning interior Norman-Byzantine mosaics. Free time to walk around the narrow, atmospheric streets; look out for the intriguing public wash houses, a legacy of medieval times and which are carved into the rock. Quality local craft shops make Cefalù a great place for souvenir shopping.

Please note: this tour includes walking on uneven ground and is not suitable for guests with mobility problems.






Цена: € 75 на възрастен, € 53 на дете


Duration: full day, lunch included


Leave the port for a 2-hour drive to the town of Agrigento where you will meet your guide. The archaeological site here known as “the Valley of the Temples” is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world and was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1998. Important temples to the ancient gods Hera, Lacinia, Olympian Zeus, Castor and Pollux stand on a rocky promontory whilst below, on the banks of the Akragas River and close to a healing spring, are the remains of a temple dedicated to Eusculapius, god of medicine. True to Roman and Greek architectural practice, all these Doric temples face eastwards so the gods can be illuminated by the rising sun. The excursion includes lunch.

Please note: this tour includes walking on uneven ground and is not suitable for guests with mobility problems.






Цена: € 54 на възрастен, € 38 на дете


Duration: approx. 4 hours


Join us as tour through the streets and square of this bustling Sicilian town. Stop at one of Palermo’s key monuments: the Palatine Chapel. The Chapel was commissioned by Roger II of Sicily in 1132 and took eight years to complete. Upon entering the site one is struck by the elegance and the luminosity of the breathtaking mosaics which cover the ceiling and the dome. We will see more of Palermo’s architectural gems, including the Norman Palace (exterior only) and the Cathedral (exterior only). Do not miss the opportunity to look around the wonderful “Capo” Market, Palermo’s largest produce and fish market. We will end our tour via the “Teatro Massimo” (exterior only) before returning to the port.

Please note: this tour is not recommended for guests with mobility problems.






Цена: € 38 на възрастен, € 27 на дете


Duration: approx. 4 hours


Leave the port for Monte Pellegrino where, set into a local cave, stands the shrine of Santa Rosalia, which was founded in 1625; in the nearby caves, the bones of the Saint were supposedly discovered and are now venerated as religious relics. We will then head to Mondello, a former fishing village and today a top tourist destination. Enjoy some free time strolling around this pleasant village. We will have time for a short sightseeing tour of Palermo before returning to the port.

Please note: this tour included some walking on slippery and uneven ground.