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Salerno is a small city located in southwest Italy situated in the region of Campania, which includes the famously picturesque Amalfi Coast. The old part of Salerno, the Centro Storico, is home to many lovely medieval churches and is a vibrant and bustling part of the city. History fans can use Salerno as a base to reach the archaeological sites of Pompeii and Paestum, whilst budding photographers should head to Amalfi, and its picture-postcard scenery.













Цена: € 52 на възрастен, € 36 на дете


Duration: approx. 4 hours

Leave the porto for a 40-minute coach drive towards Pompeii, a once thriving town that was completely buried by lava, rubble and ash during the catastrophic eruption of Vesuvius in A.D. 79. It then lay hidden and perfectly preserved under tonnes of volcanic ash for almost 1,700 years before being accidentally rediscovered in the mid-18th century and then subsequently being excavated. The many artefacts that were found, especially items of daily life such as bread and honey, give the visitor a glimpse of the lives these ancient Romans lived. A fascinating guided walking tour will provide insight into the history of this amazing and very large archaeological site. A stop will also be made at a local coral factory on your return journey to the ship.

Please note: this excursion includes long walking on uneven ground; there are big slabs of stone in the streets of Pompeii so this tour is not recommended for guests with mobility problems or in a wheelchair.






Цена: € 58 на възрастен, € 41 на дете


Duration: approx. 4 hours

Enjoy a sightseeing tour along the world-famous Amalfi Coast, renowned for its beauty and picturesque coastal towns. These villages are inextricably linked to the sea, both for tourism and trade, and the coastal location has helped the towns grow in rich and renown. We will stop in the charming Amalfi to visit the imposing Cathedral which dominates the main square and the Cloister of Paradise. Time permitting, you will have some leisure time to stroll the narrow streets.

Please note: the tour can be run either by bus or by boat depending on the traffic laws in force along Amalfi Coast on the days of call.






Цена: € 40 на възрастен, € 28 на дете


Duration: approx. 4 hours


The ancient Greek settlement of Paestum is well worth a visit and proves you do not have to go to Greece to see Doric temples – and the ones that have been excavated in Paestum count as the best preserved of their kind in the world. On leaving the port of Salerno, an enjoyable 1-hour drive will take you southwards and to the site. Among the ancient buildings located in the central area of the complex are three temples dedicated to the Greek goddesses of Hera and Athena, even though they were often wrongly attributed to the Roman gods of Neptune and Ceres in the past due to an 18th-century. There is also a commodious amphitheatre and the Roman Forum. After the tour, you will return to Salerno for re-embarkation.

Please note: this excursion includes long walking on uneven ground so this tour is not recommended for guests with mobility problems or in a wheelchair.






Цена: € 35 на възрастен, € 25 на дете


Approx. 5 hours


Nestled in the Gulf of Salerno, the city of the same name marks the gateway to two globally renowned and highly charming stretches of shoreline: the Amalfi Coast and Cilento Coast. A coach will take you to Arechi castle, which dates back to the 8th century and the reign of Arechi II, Duke (and later Prince) of Benevento. Built 300m above the sea on Mount Bonadies, it offers a spectacular view of Salerno and its surroundings. Shoot some photos during a brief stop at the first viewpoint before driving back to Salerno’s historic centre, the vibrant heart of the city and home to several exquisite medieval churches. Take a guided walking tour along its narrow streets to the Salerno Cathedral (or “Duomo”). Dedicated to the city’s patron saint, the apostle St. Matthew (one of the Four Evangelists of the New Testament), the Duomo was built starting in 1076 by Robert Guiscard and consecrated by Pope Gregory VII in 1085. You will then walk up to the edge of the historical district and the Gardens of Minerva, Europe’s first botanical garden to cultivate plants for medical use. Soak in the variety of flora and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea before returning to the commercial district, where you can do some shopping if time permits.

Please note: this excursion involves stairs, walking uphill and on uneven ground, and is not suitable for those in a wheelchair or with other mobility limitations.